Friday, May 19, 2006

I Love Mooses to Pooses

My friend Andrew sent me a recipe. Since it only called for two ingredients and I happened to have both, I gave it a try. Here’s the recipe he sent, verbatim:

Greek Chocolate Mousse (Moussaki!?)

This is more verbose than the actual making—because I am verbose, I guess:
Take equal amounts of Greek yogurt and white chocolate (to fill a trifle dish use about a pound of each). Melt the choc, then stir in the yog. Before it sets, you can add a zoom of extra flavour: e.g., one teaspoon of orange blossom water, but think of rosewater, and it's very good with the juice of a lime + lime zest. Or scoop out the flesh of a passion fruit and stir in.
Let set (fridge, probably an hour is enough).
Before serving, add a layer of fruit on top to offset the richness-richness.
Raspberries are good. Peaches would be good, I bet, or apricots, or gooseberries.

Another variation: do the same with dark chocolate and double/heavy cream (I always translate types of cream wrongly—but I think you know what I mean). A bit of orange zest and a spoon of orange juice work well there.

Another variation (the greedy one): bake a thinnish layer of chocolate brownie, and let it set/cool. Then add a layer of the white choc, as above, then let that set/cool. Then add a layer of the dark choc, then let that set/cool. Of course this would be in a tin pan, but it can work well in one of those cake tins with springs, if carefully lined etc.

It also works to pour mix directly right into ramekins rather than a trifle dish.

I figure this is easier than making mousse, anyway! There are lots of ways to experiment.

Isn’t he adorable?

I tried the first variation, but with milk chocolate instead of white. And I didn’t add any flavors, as I didn’t have any. And I didn’t use a trifle dish because I don’t know what that is.

It turned out tasty.

Andrew, is this what it’s supposed to look like?

I served it with sliced bananas, as that was all the fruit we had in the house. And I made far too much for two people—Andrew’s right, it’s insanely rich. But it was a successful cooking excursion all around!

If you can’t find Greek yogurt at the supermarket, try the health food store. It’s good stuff—tangier and less sugary than regular yogurt, with a denser, grittier texture. I have been eating it with blackberries mixed in.

Andrew is from London. They have all kinds of food there that I’ve never heard of. He is the one who gave me the recipe for beet root spaghetti, which I have yet to attempt. I did make spaghetti last night, but I used an unorthodox cooking method. Here’s my recipe for spaghetti:

Credit card

Call local Italian place and order spaghetti delivered. Also some bread, maybe.
Place food into dishes and serve in front of television while watching the entire second season of The Office (British version) in one night.

Yep, I run a tight ship. Gourmet meals served in a well-kept house.

There are socks all over the place.


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yummm, chocolate with a spoon.
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